Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The kind of guy you dream about

So those that know me, (and even some who don't actually know me) know that I am pretty much the definition of a fanfic whore! I love me some fanfic though I don't understand why I am so drawn to it. Maybe it's feeling like you pretty much already know the characters (at least knowing what they look like) so you don't really have to use the imagination so much. Yep, that's probably it..... I have a lazy imagination. :)

Any way..... I love me some fic and I love to see how the love stories develop. Sometimes the guy is the rugged, hard character, and other times he is this amazing, caring, and supportive guy. I am currently reading a story and this guy is just about so perfect it makes you want to smack him. Really, yes, guys have a romantic and at times thoughtful streak in them, but what guy lives in that mold 24/7. I guess that is why it's called FICTION! So, while I do love the story I am reading, especially because it is lacking in the angst department (which can be a bit much for me at times), I don't whole heartedly love this guy. I started thinking about my husband and how the two differ and the similarities between the two. Hah! That's some funny stuff. This guy is possessive to the point of being over protective of his love interest; my husband tends to fall into that mold. It's annoying at times, but very sweet in other ways. He's eased up in the years we've been together and has realized that he has to let me stand on my own and make up my own mind some times. He's not my father after all (thank God for that). This guy does over the top and yet still oh so sweet simple romantic gestures. My husband, he tries, God love him, he does, but I believe the romance in grand gestures flies out the window when kids enter the picture. There's very little time for that. So, that got me thinking.... what is my dream guy? So, here it is:

My dream guy is the very best friend I have. Someone that I can talk to about anything and spend so much time laughing and cutting up with. He's someone that I can depend on; that no matter what, I know he's going to have my back. He's someone that puts me first and loves me, silliness, quirkiness, faults, and all. He knows my dreams, my heart, and most of my secrets. So the thing is, though I enjoy me some fic, I think I've got my dream guy. He is a HEAVY dose of reality. I mean seriously; what fanfic guy walks around farting, scratching their nuts, and picking their nose... none but where's the reality in that. No, I don't find any of those traits endearing, however, I grind my teeth when I sleep, cry at stupid sitcoms, and have little patience for idiocy.... so there's the reality; accepting one another, overlooking the annoying habits, and finding out that there is no one else you'd rather be with. I don't get flowers delivered (because I'd kill him for wasting money on something that dies), have romantic getaways (no one to watch our kids), or the other HUGE gestures in these stories, but I get a guy who comes home every night and kisses me, regardless of the fact that I'm sleeping when he gets home, who calls me throughout the day just to see how my day is going, and who brings me breakfast when I have a craving for a chicken biscuit. He is my everything and I am a damn lucky girl!

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