Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Life

This weekend, I went out with my brother and one of my oldest friends. Any one who knows me, knows that I'm an observer. I love to watch people and quietly come up with my own conclusions as I psycho-analyze things. (Yep, I'm a nerd)

I sat and listened to two individuals, who know me quite well, bash the institution of marriage. I guess I can understand one of the sides as this person was hurt and never quite healed from a marriage gone awry. The other person that I was with, however, is in a marriage and has been so for almost as long as mine. When questioned as to why there was such unhappiness and lack of desire to continue the marriage, there was never a reason given or a clear excuse. My marriage, it's not perfect. My husband, tends to get on my nerves. But there is something to be said for choosing your marriage. You can't expect it to work itself out if no one is willing to put in the effort, nor will this work if only half of the couple is committed to the success of it. I don't believe that anyone should live their lives miserable and unhappy, but I also believe that mind sets are a choice as well. You can choose to find the good in your spouse; start off with small things and let them know that you see them. No one wants to live under the scrutiny of someone else, feeling like a constant failure.

I don't need a huge house or a sizeable bank account. I don't need expensive clothes or trips to the spa. I choose to be happy. I choose my marriage and I choose my spouse. I choose to see the good in him and to appreciate the little things rather than point out faults. I choose to praise him for the little things he does for me and to not be put out by the grand gestures falling to the wayside. I choose my family.

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