Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Office

I work in a fairly busy government atmosphere. Our department is over 100 people and a majority of them are located near me. There is such a variety of people here. I was thinking about the stereotypes of office "types" of people. You have the nice guy; the one who is always willing to help and just really likes working with others. He's a great member of staff and an asset. Then you have the martyr; the one who feels their work is never appreciated and therefore is always pointing out how very much they do to contribute to the overall work flow. This person also has the "someone is always out to get me" complex. Hybrids of the martyr are the ones who also constantly volunteer themselves to do additional things and then are left feeling under appreciated because no one ever seems to notice. You also have the gossip. That is one is pretty self explanatory. The person who most likely doesn't know anything about anything, but likes to think they're in the "know" and then runs their mouth. They also love to complain about others and constantly point out what everyone else is doing wrong. You have the one everyone loves to hate. Our office, she's female who uses her "assets" to get the attention of those with more power than her to try to get a leg up. And then my favorite these days, The Nuisance. In my office, this is the person who gets under people's skin. This person loves to run around delegating responsibilities because of their general lack of know how and laziness. They love to boss people around and are always running from here to there barking orders at others. The thing about the nuisance, is that I never actually see them doing any work. They're visiting the higher ups and running their mouths, finding someone else to their job, or just trying to look busy. Frustrating!
So who am I among the office? I don't honestly know. I guess one (the gossip) might categorize me as the undeserving. I was promoted some time ago and yes it was in part because I do a good job at what I do, but it was also because I fell into the right place at the right time. Due to the economy, I was on the chopping block because those who were my equals had things like veteran's preference protecting their jobs and so there I was just waiting to be let go. Fortunate for me, I had a director who saw what I was doing and then thought I could do more and found a position for me as her new assistant. I'm that the higher up's like to come to to ask to do special projects and are usually the confidential type. I don't run my mouth, but I do get to hear all of the drama because people like to talk to me. I'm not sure why that is, but nonetheless I listen. People see me as undeserving because they felt overlooked for the job I was given. But I see myself as blessed. Does my job suck from time to time? Oh heck yes it does! But I won't apologize for having something good happen to me. So, as I walk up on many of the stereotypes running their mouths, and whispering that abruptly stops when I come into view. I just smile, shake me head, and act like it's nothing. I don't care what anyone thinks of me. It took me most of my life to feel this way but I'm so glad I made it there.

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